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Smart Cities, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Sustainable Smart Manufacturing Possible Workshop Topics

Angel Island State Park_SF_1
(Angel Island State Park, San Francisco/Bay Area, U.S.A. - Jeffrey M. Wang)

Smart Cities

  • Smart city theory, modeling and simulation
  • Smart city implementation
  • Smart city deployments, test-beds and field trials
  • Smart city artificial intelligence applications and trends
  • Digital city and smart growth
  • Smart economy development
  • Smart campus
  • Smart people
  • Citizen engagement and smart governance
  • City planning and management
  • Smarter public safety and public safety solutions
  • Smart city for special needs
  • Civil and environmental engineering for smart cities
  • Smart city infrastructure
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Smart environments
  • Smart structures technology
  • Smart disaster management
  • Smart urban crowd-sensing
  • Urban computing
  • A cyber-physical infrastructure for the “Smart City”
  • Smart green infrastructure monitoring
  • Urban micro-climate studies
  • Urban/regional air pollution modelling
  • Wireless and optical communications, network technologies, services and application
  • Mobile computing and services for urban and public transport systems
  • Mobile accessible pedestrian signals (MAPS) system
  • Cellular networking in smart cities 
  • Crowdsourcing data collection
  • Delay tolerant networks and systems for urban data collection
  • Cloud computing, web, HPC/data center, cyber security, digital forensics
  • Cloud computing and network infrastructure that supports smart cities
  • Environment and urban monitoring 
  • Enabling wireless and mobile technologies for smart cities 
  • Fault tolerance, reliability and survivability in smart systems 
  • Human mobility modeling and analytics 
  • Mobile crowdsourcing for urban analytics 
  • QoS and QoE of smart city systems, applications, and services 
  • Sensing and IoT for smart cities
  • Software-defined data center
  • Software-defined power
  • Computing, big data and analytics
  • Open data and big data analytics
  • Big data for urban informatics
  • Spatial data mining and visual analytics
  • Urban spatial analytics
  • Predictive analytics and risk intelligence
  • Smart security
  • Safety and security systems
  • Machine-to-Machine solutions 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities
  • Smart water management
  • Smart waste management
  • Transportation management
  • Transportation economics
  • Spatial econometrics
  • Application of advanced microeconomic theories to intelligent transportation systems
  • Statistical modeling of transportation and urban systems.
  • Geospatial Technology
  • GPS (Global Positioning Systems)
  • GIS (Geographical Information Systems)
  • New urban vehicles
  • Charging and locking technology for shared-use vehicle systems
  • Smart energy management
  • Smart grid technologies and network communications, new green energy technologies and green buildings
  • Smart integrated grids
  • Smart healthcare and emergency management
  • Smart environment
  • Environmental monitoring technologies
  • Smart Geographic Information Management
  • Sustainable management
  • Smart living
  • Smart building and smart home
  • Home/service robots
  • Smart retail
  • Supply chain and smart logistics
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Vertical farming (urban farming)
  • Plant factory
  • Smart agriculture
  • Urban controlled environment agriculture


AI and Green Society Applications


  • AI-enabled smart sensing systems
  • AI-enabled smart city
  • AI-enabled green vehicle, green home, green buildings and green anything
  • AI-enabled green industrial automation and control
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and control
  • AI for energy efficiency in aerial/UAV communication networks
  • Machine learning for green social networks
  • Applications of blockchain in energy management and trading
  • Transport and logistics efficiency, e.g., applications to road traffic optimization and supply chain management
  • Economics and pricing for green systems, services and applications
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for green wireless communication systems
  • Wireless power transfer and energy harvesting for wireless communications
  • Energy efficiency for Wearables, Body Sensor Networks, and Smart
  • Portable devices


Smart Environments


  • Artificial and computational intelligence
  • Reliability, privacy and trust
  • Networking and Communication
  • Internet of things, ubiquitous and pervasive computing
  • Sensors and actuators
  • System architecture and middleware for intelligent environments
  • Remote control of devices
  • Device communications
  • Sensory information acquisition/dissemination
  • Enhanced services by intelligent devices
  • Networking standards
  • Predictive decision making capabilities
  • Connected smart street lighting  


Architecture and Infrastructural Design, Civil Engineering


1. Architecture and Infrastructural Design

  • Architecture and urban planning.
  • Climate control in buildings.
  • Fatigue in large constructions.
  • Concrete, steel and glass structures.
  • Hydraulics and maritime technology.
  • Bridge design and construction


2.  Civil Engineering

  • Environment engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Infrastructure engineering and management
  • Structural engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Water resources and hydraulic engineering
  • Earth system science and engineering
  • Building construction technology
  • Computational design
  • Structural optimization
  • 3D concrete printing


Smart Mobility, Intelligent Transportation Systems


1. Safety

  • Highway and railway safety
  • Traffic safety analysis
  • Smart traffic signalling technology
  • Internet of Vehicles (IoV)
  • Internet of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications for safety (V2V)
  • Truck V2V research
  • Transit V2V research
  • Connected vehicle safety pilot
  • Vehicle-to-infrastructure communications for safety (V2I)
  • Truck V2I research/smart roadside
  • Transit V2I research
  • Connected vehicle safety for rail


2. Mobility

  • Smart mobility and transportation
  • Transportation Informatics
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Electro mobility (E-mobility)
  • Personal mobility in smart city
  • Intelligent highway
  • Transportation networks, logistics systems, and supply chains
  • Urban freight transportation
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Multi-modal transportation systems
  • Simulation and modelling of transportation systems
  • Transportation network modeling and simulation
  • Optimization in stochastic networks
  • Transportation system analysis
  • Transportation planning under both normal and emergency conditions
  • Urban passenger transportation system
  • Intelligent car-sharing service
  • Urban infrastructure systems
  • Urban and interurban multi-modal transportation planning
  • Big data applications for multi-modal transportation databases
  • Urban analysis and modeling
  • Urban data analytics
  • Public transit planning and operations
  • Smart traffic system operations
  • Real-time traffic sensing
  • Data capture and management
  • Geographic Information Systems for Transportation (GIS-T)
  • Dynamic mobility applications
  • Dynamic fleet management
  • Traffic flow theory and operations
  • Traffic control and operations
  • Traffic monitoring and management
  • Traffic simulation and forecasting
  • Real-time traffic estimation and prediction
  • Congestion pricing
  • Statewide real-time traffic databases
  • Mobile traffic sensors
  • Distributed control systems
  • Vehicle routing, scheduling and dispatching
  • Air transportation
  • Air traffic operations management and performance evaluation
  • Airline, airport, and seaport efficiency modeling


3. Environment

  • Electrified transportation systems
  • Electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs)
  • Applications for the environment: real-Time information synthesis
  • Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Service in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Vehicle-centric information and communication technology (vehicle ICT)
  • Connected vehicle (CV) technologies
  • Connected vehicle systems
  • Intelligent vehicle-to-infrastructure integration


4. Road Weather

  • Winter road maintenance
  • Road weather connected vehicle applications


5. Policy

  • Connected vehicle policy and technology
  • Connected vehicle and Internet of mobility
  • Transportation infrastructure investment decision making, planning, and policy


Automated and Intelligent Vehicle


1. Automated Vehicle

  • Human factors evaluation of automated driving concepts
  • Potential benefits and disbenefits of automated vehicles 
  • Design guidelines for automated vehicles 
  • Technical, policy, institutional, and regulatory barriers to deployment and possible solutions 
  • Needed standards and appropriate methods for development

2. Intelligent Vehicle and Mechatronics

  • Advanced Vehicle Control Systems 
  • Unmanned surface vehicles 
  • Advanced driver assistance systems 
  • Assisted transportation
  • Active safety systems: rollover prevention systems, collision avoidance systems

3. Sensor/Data Fusion and Nonlinear Estimation 

  • High precision localization for autonomous vehicles via multiple sensors, data fusion and novel wireless technologies 
  • High-precision vehicle positioning through data fusion (GPS + motion/vision sensors + 2D/3D digital map) 
  • Robust multi-target tracking and recognition (radar/laser/vision sensors) 
  • 60-degree environmental sensing (radar/laser /vision + WAVE/DSRC)

4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Intelligent Vehicles 

  • IoT - connected smart cars and vehicles
  • WAVE/DSRC-based cooperative systems 
  • Cloud-based roadway information system 
  • Green Control Unit 
  • Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs)
  • Connected Vehicle Models (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, Vehicle-to-vehicle, Vehicle-to-the-Cloud, Vehicle-to-Pedestrian,Vehicle-to-Everything)

5. Intelligent/Electric Vehicle Systems

  • Intelligent battery management system for electric vehicles 
  • Solar Posered A/C for Electric Vehicles 
  • EV motor/battery heat management


Smart Supply Chain and Logistics


  • Logistics 4.0 and smart supply chain management in Industry 4.0
  • Robots and cobots in logistics 
  • The role and evolutions of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and advanced analytics in connected logistics
  • Digital transformation in transportation and logistics 
  • Risk, resilience and continuity
  • S&OP, forecasting, demand management
  • Sales and operations planning (S&OP), forecasting, demand management
  • Operational efficiency
  • Supplier management and collaboration
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on supply chain management
  • Sustainable and innovative business
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Supply chain networks
  • Supply chain network risk management
  • Supply chain resilience and security
  • Port resilience and security
  • Supply chain coordination
  • Supply chain competition
  • Sustainability in global supply networks
  • Supply chain innovation in emerging markets
  • Pricing in supply chains
  • Big data and business analytics
  • Optimized technology in the supply chain
  • Inventory management and optimization
  • Fulfillment capability and Flow optimization
  • Warehouse performance assessment, design, management, automation
  • Goods movement and logistics
  • Intermodal freight transport system for optimal supply chain logistics


2. Infrastructure and Technology

  • Freight logistics in smart city
  • Logistics hubs and clusters
  • Real-time logistics information system
  • Access to transport networks, infrastructure and nodes
  • Freight consolidation and transhipment
  • Implementation of low emission technologies
  • IT-technologies and solutions (for management and administration)
  • Innovative vehicles, vessels and equipment
  • ICT (e.g. routing, guidance), transport optimization
  • The Internet-of-Things in logistics


3. Operations and Services

  • Business to customer (B2C) solutions (e.g. e-commerce, last mile delivery)
  • Innovative operational solutions
  • Service quality and sustainability agreements/certification
  • Transport management, fleet management
  • Value added services, development of services


Sustainable Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0


  • Micro- and Nano-Scale Manufacturing (microfluidic devices, nanopositioning systems, fuel cells, and electronics, etc.)
  • Manufacturing Systems and Information
  • Renewable Energy and Environmentally Benign Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart factories 
  • Cyber-physical systems (sensors, etc.)
  • the Internet of Things/The Industrial Internet
  • Data science in manufacturing
  • Productive application of AI in manufacturing
  • Big data analytics
  • Manufacturing systems and communication networks 
  • Manufacturing system control and automation
  • Integrated manufacturing and logistics systems
  • Internet of Things and smart manufacturing
  • Robotics and automation
  • Robotic systems for smart manufacturing: standards and assessment
  • Mechatronics and robotics
  • Collaborative robots (Cobots)
  • Robot operating systems
  • Additive manufacturing (AM)/direct digital manufacturing
  • Micro-factory technology
  • Knowledge based production management
  • Computational intelligence in production management
  • Intelligent manufacturing systems
  • Intelligent human-machine system
  • 3D machine vision
  • Agile, flexible, reactive manufacturing systems
  • Modelling of business and operational processes
  • Social networks for manufacturing
  • Virtual, Digital and smart factory
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Globalization and production management
  • Inventory management in large supply chains
  • Simulation of large scale supply chains
  • Social and cultural aspects of global supply chains
  • Worldwide procurement, logistics and distribution management
  • Sustainability and production management
  • Energy efficiency in manufacturing
  • Green manufacturing
  • Reuse, remanufacture, disassembly and recycling
  • Collaborative networks
  • Collaborative tools in production and asset management
  • Collaborative design
  • Distributed systems and multi-agent technologies
  • ICT for collaborative manufacturing
  • Information systems for collaboration
  • Innovation and collaborative networks
  • Performance measurement and benchmarking
  • Products and services personalisation
  • Quality management for personalized products and services


Environment Science and Technology

1. Water Pollution and Water Quality Control

  • Sustainable Water Supply 
  • Water Chemistry & Treatment Technology
  • Physical-chemical Wastewater Treatment
  • Nitrogen-Phosphorus Wastewater Treatment
  • Municipal Wastewater Bio-treatment 
  • Industrial Wastewater Bio-treatment 
  • Adsorption/Desorption for Wastewater Treatment
  • Watershed Management 
  • Nanotechnology Applications

2. Air Pollution and Air Quality Control

  • Air Resource Management
  • Catalyst and Adsorbent Preparation 
  • Micro-contamination (AMC) Control
  • Aerosol 
  • Air Pollutant Monitoring 
  • Hazardous Gas Bio-filtration  
  • Catalysts for Reducing Emission 
  • Fuel Gas DeSOx, DeNOx, and Metal Removal 
  • Air Pollution Prevention and Management 


3. Land (Soil, Waste Solid) Pollution and Remediation

  • Contaminants in the Subsurface
  • Natural Attenuation of Contaminants
  • In-Situ Remediation
  • Solid Waste Management
  • On-site and Off-site Remediation
  • Landfill
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers
  • Waste Fuel Site Remediation
  • Waste Recycling
  • Radioactive Waste and Land Pollution
  • Phytoremediation of Orgaic Pollutants
  • Polymer Waste Recycling and Management 

4. Global Change

  • Global Warming and its Impacts
  • Carbon Emission Sources and Control
  • Carbon Discharge Reduction

5. Modeling

  • Environmental Simulation
  • Water Quality Modeling
  • Inverse Model and Pollution Estimation


6. Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration

  • Ecosystem Assessment
  • Nutrients and Functions of Ecosystems
  • Restoration of Ecosystems
  • Urban Ecology

7. GIS, Statistics, and Remote Sensing

  • GIS for Environmental Assessment
  • Data Management and Statistics
  • Environmental Remote Sensing Applications


8. Wetlands

  • Wetland Conservation
  • Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment

9. Bio-Assessment and Toxicology

  • Human Exposure
  • Bio-response and Ecotoxicology
  • Bioavailability and Bio-accumulation
  • Microbial Degradation
  • Detection and Decontamination of Dangerous Biological Agents

10. Organic Pollutants

  • Characterization of Organic Pollutants
  • Degradation of Persistent Organic Pollutants


11. Environmental Analysis and Measurements

  • Field Measurement Technologies
  • New Method Applications
  • Environmental Monitoring

12. Society and the Environment

  • Society and the Environment
  • Environmental Ethics and Laws
  • Environmental Education

13. Sustainable Development and Environmental Management

  • Environmental Quality and Planning
  • Environmental Policy and Management

14. Renewable Energy Development & Energy Conservation

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