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[Paris, France - Civil Engineering Discoveries]


- Overview

These are resources that we found interesting or useful. The list is not complete in any way. New entries are added periodically at the end of the table.


Institution Name
Research Area 
SSRN  E-library (Finance, Market, Managment, Biology, etc.)
Theoretical Economics Economics
Informs   OR, Management Science, and Industrial Engineering
Civil Enginering Discoveries  Civil Engineering 
Art, Craft & Architecture  Facebook Group 
IEEE Spectrum Telecommunication, Wireless 5G, 6G, Machine Learning, etc.
Civil Engineering Technology  Civil Engineering 
Civil Engineering Reserach Nature: Research and Reviews 
Architecture  Nature: Research and Reviews 
Business and Management  CNN
Business and Management CNBC
Business and Management Entrepeneur
Conversation Economics, Business
IEEE Spectrum Telecommunication Nanotechnology, Planet Earth, Space and Physics, etc.
Quantum Computing Report
Artificial Intelligence AI News AI News
InfoWorld Software Development
ORMS (Informs) Today Operations Research and Managment Science  
Smart Agriculture EITC R&D: New Agriculture & ICT Convergence
Supercomputing  SciTechDaily
Environmental Law
ScienceNews  Science News: Earth, Agriculture, Climate, Ocean, Environment, etc..
Scientific American  Science News: Physics, Mind, Brain, etc..
The National Law Review  Law News 
Editorial Cartoons on Politics  US News 
Politico  Political Scince, Politics News
European Politico European Politics 
Smart Agriculture  AgriTech Tomorrow 
Global 5G Evolution  LinkedIn: Mobile 5G and Beyond
arXiv  arXiv is a free distribution service and an open-access archive for 2,093,496 scholarly articles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics. Materials on this site are not peer-reviewed by arXiv. 
5G Technology World  6G, 6G
TelecomTV  5G, 6G 
Science Alert
The World's Biggest Construction Projects  The Channel for Megaprojects 
China's Biggest Megaprojects  The Channel for Megaprojects 
FUTUROLOGY Megaprojects - Space Technology 
Hot Topics Time  The Channel for Megaprojects
Enterprise Data Storage  SAN, STaas, Cloud Data Storage 
EPIC Economist The Channel for Economy 
The BIM  The Channel for Construction. 
Scales of Justics   
NTT R&D   
Nature Portfolio Latest research and news by subject. Learn about the latest research, reviews and news from across all of the Nature journals by subject. 




[More to come ...]

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