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EITA Clusters Worldwide

(The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California - Jeff M. Wang)


 Cooperation with Powerful High-tech Regions Worldwide

Innovative Industrial Clusters

Cluster means an "innovative industrial cluster" within a limited geographic region. It is the targeted collaboration of companies - that may even be competitors - and other partners from research, science and other organizations within an economic area for a higher overall benefit. During the lifetime of a cluster, research-driven topics may dominate at certain times and purely economic topics such as marketing may be the focus at others.

Globally, regions and economic locations are facing a direct competition with each other. Key factors to success, in order to increase the competitiveness of regions, are high-performing technology and innovation-related clusters and cluster initiatives. The development of cluster-driven regions to outstanding national and international locations with global technology leadership is the target of public and private actions of many actors worldwide. The development of future-oriented, efficient locations is the desire of many actors worldwide. Hence in many countries there are private and governmental measures to accelerate regional and technology- or sector-specific developments. 

Regional Program Committee

Each region has a Regional Program Committee that coordinates regional development actions in its area. These committees, which have no parallel anywhere else, are groups composed of key actors in the region. They bring together a wide range of stakeholders that play a central role in implementing Smart City Challenge.
The Regional Program Committee is responsible for creating the Program for the EITA Regional Meeting. This involves communicating with speakers who have been invited to the Regional meeting, organizing the review of submitted abstracts, recommending and inviting co-chairs for each session of the regional meeting, and arranging various other details associated with the meeting.

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