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Virtual Museum

(Luzern, Switzerland - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)

Virtual museum (VM) is a digital entity that draws on the characteristics of a museum, in order to complement, enhance, or augment the museum through personalization, interactivity, user experience and richness of content. VM is not a real museum transposed to the web, nor an archive or a database of virtual digital assets but a provider of information on top of being an exhibition room. VM provides opportunities for people to access digital content before, during and after a visit in a range of digital ‘encounters’. VM is technologically demanding especially in terms of virtual and augmented reality and storytelling authoring tools which must covers various types of digital creations including virtual reality and 3D experiences, located online, in museums or on heritage sites. The challenge will be to give further emphasis on improving access, establishing meaningful narratives for collections and displays and story-led interpretation by the development of VM. It will also address the fundamental issues that are required to make this happen e.g. image rights, licencing and the ability of museums to support new ICT technology. Virtual Museums offer visitors the possibility to see art works residing in different places in context and experience objects or sites inaccessible to the public.


[More to come ...]


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