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About EITA

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Connecting The Dots and Enabling To Innovate




- Origin of the EITA

The Emerging Information and Technology Association (EITA), a no-political, non-religious, and non-profit international organization (a virtual organization), was initiated in 1999 by Mr. Michael Hwa-Han Wang, formerly of AT&T Bell Labs in New Jersey, U.S.A.. The EITA encourages cross-disciplinary partnerships between visionary scholars, innovative educators, industry and creative leaders.


- Mission Statement

The EITA (currently by EBMedia, LLC). The EITA's mission has two goals:  


- Diversity Statement

EITA is committed to building a diverse, inclusive community that thrives on a foundation of equity and accessibility. EITA encourages and facilitates our community members to develop teams that involve everyone, foster innovation and support the application of new knowledge. Together, our broad community forms the basis for adding value to the people and communities we engage with locally and internationally.



[More to come ...]

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