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File A_New_Era_for_Deep_Space_Exploration_and_Development_072320A
[A New Era for Deep Space Exploration and Development (July 23, 2020) - The White House]
Image The_SKA_092620A
[An artist’s impression of the SKA at night]
Image Black Holes Simulation_100820A
[Supermassive test: this simulation of the region around M87 shows the motion of plasma as it swirls around the black hole. The bright thin ring that can be seen in blue is the edge of the shadow. (Courtesy: L Medeiros/C Chan/D. Psaltis/F Özel/University of Arizona/Institute for Advanced Study) - Physicsworld]
Image US_Fighter_Plane_Travelling_Near_The Speed_of_Sound_in_Air_101120A
[Upper limit: a US Navy F/A-18 travelling near the speed of sound in air. The white halo comprises water droplets that have condensed from the air because of the sudden drop in pressure behind the shock cone around the aircraft - John Gay/US Navy]
Image Layers_of_Earth_Atmosphere_112120A
[Layers of Earth's Atmosphere - Civil Engineering Discoveries]
Image The Northern Lights_Norway_113020A
[A crack in the Earth's magnetic field (not uncommon around the Equinox) allowed the Solar Wind to pour in over Norway. The result? A fantastic display of the Northern Lights, that look like it's almost flowing to the ground!. This image is from Greenlander Tromsø]
Image Earth_NASA_122321A
[Earth - Earth Captured from 35,000 km (22k miles) away by NASA’s GOES-16 satellite on December 23, 2021.]
Image Earth_ANU_022823A
[Earth - Australian National University]
Image Earth_050623A
[Earth - The first image from the Meteosat Third Generation Imager-1 reveals a level of detail about the weather over Europe and Africa not previously possible from 22,000 miles above Earth. EUMETSAT/ESA]
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