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Green Technology

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- Green Technologies

Green tech is more than solar panels and wind turbines. Here's a list of some popular planet-saving innovations you may not have heard of:

  • Wastewater Treatment and Water Purification (recycling water to make it drinkable, or clean enough for other purposes)
  • Waste management and recycling (minimizing landfills and their impacts)
  • Waste incineration power generation (burning waste landfills to generate electricity)
  • Electric transportation (electric cars, trucks, buses, scooters – you name it)
  • Programmable thermostats (program the temperature to save energy when you're not home)
  • Self-sufficient buildings (buildings that generate enough energy to power themselves, usually through solar panels)
  • Low-carbon buildings (development of energy-efficient buildings using green materials and smaller footprints)
  • Carbon capture and storage (capturing and removing carbon from the atmosphere)
  • LED Lighting (Ultra Energy Efficient Bulbs)
  • Vertical farming (uses less land, less water, and can be set up in cities)
  • Composting (turning food waste into fertilizer)
  • Wave energy (harnessing ocean waves to generate electricity)
  • Batteries (energy storage is essential for the transition to renewable energy)
  • Green materials (local renewable materials such as bamboo, hemp and straw)
  • Carbon tracking software (yes, that's us - software that calculates your company's carbon footprint)


[More to come ...]

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