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Image Nuclear Fission_061522A
[Wikipedia: Simple diagram of nuclear fission. In the first frame, a neutron is about to be captured by the nucleus of a U-235 atom. In the second frame, the neutron has been absorbed and briefly turned the nucleus into a highly excited U-236 atom. In the third frame, the U-236 atom has fissioned, resulting in two fission fragments (Ba-141 and Kr-92) and three neutrons, all with very large amounts of kinetic energy.]
Image Structure of Matter_061622A
[Structure of Matter - Nuclear Power]
Image Nuclear Energy_061622A
[Nuclear Energy - US Department of Energy]
Image Perovskite Solar Cell_NREL_062022A
[Perovskite Solar Cell - Dennis Schroeder / National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Image Components of Nuclear Power Plant_Foro Nuclear_062722A
[Components of Nuclear Power Plant, Foro Nuclear]
Image Nuclear Reactor_062722A
[Nuclear Reactor - US Department of Energy]
Image Space Solar Panel Energy_100322A
[Space Solar Panel Energy - Pentagon]
Image DOE Microgrids Program 2021_103122A
[DOE Microgrids Program 2021 - Department of Energy]
Image Greenhouse Gases_071223A
[Greenhouse Gases_Wikipedia]
Image Allotropes of Carbon_Wikipedia_102423A
[Eight Allotropes of Carbon: Eight allotropes of carbon: (a) diamond, (b) graphite, (c) lonsdaleite, (d) C60 buckminsterfullerene, (e) C540 fullerite (f) C70 fullerene, (g) amorphous carbon, (h) zig-zag single-walled carbon nanotube. Missing: cyclocarbon, carbon nanobuds, schwarzites, glassy carbon, and linear acetylenic carbon (carbyne) - Wikipedia]
Image Power Grid_021324A
[Power Grid - CNBC]
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