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EITA R&D Think Tank and Leadership Team

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Looking Back on The Past Decade, and Forward To The Next Decade


The EITA Board and Leadership Team

The Emerging Information and Technology Association (EITA), currently by EBMedia, LLC, has two goals:


The EITA Board of Directors consists of (maximum) 17 members (appointed by the EITA Chairman). The current directors of the EITA Board of Directors are:


EITA R&D Advisory Board and Think Tank


The EITA R&D advisory board and think tank is an international research community on Emerging Technology and Services. The roles of the EITA R&D advisory board/think tank are:


  • to establish the criteria and process for proposal solicitation and review, identifying projects that benefit most from Emerging Technology and Services and make the most difference to our world.
  • to provide ongoing guidance to the EITA management teams on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict resolution.


The current chairman and the vice chairmen of the EITA R&D advisory board and think tank are: 


Note: Due to a large number of the EITA R&D advisory board members/thought leaders worldwide, their names are not listed here.


EITA Managing Committee


(UN Geneva - Alvin Wei-Jen Wong)

The EITA managing committee is the group of volunteers ultimately responsible for the activities of the EITA organization. We plan events, recruit volunteers, enable connections with speakers, panelists, and moderators, identify sponsors, manage the team’s finances, and operate It plays the role in the organization as both leaders and decision makers. Their overall responsibilities are:


  • Vision and Leadership. It ensures that everything the organization does supports its vision, purpose and aims.
  • Accountability and Legal Liability. It must account for everything the organization does, including its spending and activities.
  • Keep it Legal. It ensures compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements and seeks guidance around any uncertainties.
  • Financial Management. It ensures that all money, property and resources are properly used, managed and accounted for.
  • Managing Staff and Volunteers. It must ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for staff and volunteers. and that both are properly managed and supported.


The EITA managing committee consists of (up to) 31 members (invited and appointed by the President of the EITA as projects needed). The current members of the EITA managing committee are:  



[More to come ...]


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