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Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Ventures

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- Business Opportunities in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Earth and atmospheric sciences include many business opportunities, including:

  • Meteorology: Includes atmospheric chemistry and physics, with a focus on weather forecasting.
  • Nanosatellites: Can provide weather forecasts, predictions for natural disasters, and help fight climate change.
  • SAGA: A Geographic Information System (GIS) software that processes and analyzes geodata.
  • Atmospheric Science Technology: Provides analytical and predictive services to government and DoD customers.
Other business opportunities include: Weather analysts, Environmental consultants, Petroleum engineers, Hydrologic field technicians, Logging geoscientists, Field geologists, Policy advisors, Educators.

- Business Opportunities in Ocean Engineering

Here are some business opportunities in ocean engineering: 

  • Naval architecture: A career that involves designing and creating ships. 
  • Civil engineering: A broad field that includes marine engineering, which involves designing, developing, and maintaining marine vessels. 
  • Oceanography: A broad degree that can lead to many industry jobs, including oil rigs, ports, shipping, fishing monitoring, and research. 
  • Marine engineering: Involves designing and constructing ships, internal ship components, underwater pipping, and offshore platforms. Marine engineers also design blueprints, repair internal structures, and conduct tests. 
  • Research projects: A way for marine engineers to gain new knowledge and skills, and network with other professionals. 
  • Electronics and robotics: Marine engineering often involves electrical engineering and robotics, especially in applications related to deep-sea cables and UUVs. 
  • Offshore structures: structures located in bodies of water that are used for oil and gas exploration and production, renewable energy generation, and scientific research. 

Other application areas of ocean engineering include: 

  • Beach protection and nourishment
  • Coastal structures
  • Coastal erosion
  • Development of ocean energy resources
  • Instrumentation for coastal and offshore measurements
  • Marine dredging and dredged material placement
  • Moossed and towed systems
  • Ocean mining

- Business Opportunities in Aerospace Engineering

The aerospace industry is involved in the research, development, and manufacture of flight vehicles, including: 

  • Unpowered gliders and sailplanes
  • Uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Lighter-than-air craft
  • Heavier-than-air craft

The aerospace industry has traditionally been a significant contributor to the global economy and a consistent source of high-paying jobs.


[More to come ...]

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