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Renewable Energy Sources and Vertical Farming

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[ The University of Texas at Austin]

- Vertical Farming and Renewable Energy

Vertical farms can use renewable energy sources to power their lighting, heating, and cooling systems. These sources include: Solar panels, Wind power, Biogas, Geothermal, Hydroelectric power. 

Solar panels can be installed on the roof of the building or container farm. This clean energy solution reduces reliance on fossil fuels and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. 

Other renewable energy sources may depend on the location and availability of these alternative energy sources. 

According to a study, solar energy can become 10 times cheaper than electricity from gas-based plants in the near future. This will make sustainable energy sources the most viable energy source for vertical farmers worldwide.

Vertical farms have a significantly higher average energy use at 38.8 kWh per kg of produce as opposed to traditional greenhouses, which average 5.4 kWh per kg. 



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