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New Energy and Energy Resources of the Future

(Solar Energy, the US Department of Energy)

New Energy - Fueling the Future



- The Future of Power

"Energy is a basic human need and makes the world go round. Without energy, everything would come to a standstill. It is indispensable to foster human development and economic growth with a secure, affordable, reliable, clean and sustainable energy supply. Today we are facing huge challenges: global warming, depleting natural resources, population growth, increasing energy demand, rising energy prices and unequal distribution of energy sources. All of these factors contribute to the urgent need to transform the energy sector, which primarily relies on fossil fuels, to one that uses renewable energies and energy efficient technologies." - International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA

The human race, in its never ending struggle to improve its standard of living, has invariably depended on colossal amounts of electric power to fuel our evolution. A present day estimate by National Geographic determined that we use 320 billion kilowatt-hours of energy every day. Today, most of this enormous requirement is addressed by burning fossil fuels. So far, fossil fuels have catered to our energy needs very efficiently, but they are also non-renewable and rapidly depleting. These fuel sources have also contributed greatly to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. The time has come to find suitable and better replacements for fossil fuels. Scientists are constantly researching newer and greener sources of energy that have limited impact on the environment and reduce their contribution to global warming, which is believed to be caused by the release of carbon dioxide while burning fossil fuels. 

Atomic energy, solar energy, and energy from wind and bio fuels are just a few of the promising alternatives for a cleaner and greener future. Other relatively new sources of energy such as fuel cells, geothermal energy, and ocean energy are also being explored. In the following folders, we’ll take a look at current sources of energy as well as discuss possible future energy sources.


- Possible Research Topics




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