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Welcome to EITA-C4I 2008




Businesses and organizations strive to maximize the strategic value and operational efficiency of their information technology (IT) infrastructure.  Money invested in developing, deploying, managing. and/or transforming IT-based business processes needs to be clearly justified by the expected business advantage it will create.  In a world of globally distributed and remotely managed IT systems, frequent mergers and acquisitions, and rapidly evolving business priorities, it is imperative for competitive businesses and organizations to deploy business-aligned innovative IT services in a timely manner.  This Workshop will invite several academia and industry leaders across the Pacific Ocean to share with the attendees their insights on the evolution and impact of several key Content, Computer, Communications, Consumer electronics, and Integration (C4I) technologies.  The Workshop will discuss:

  • How "Mobile Web" technologies are revolutionizing how we live and work?
  • How "Cloud Computing & Internet-Scale Data Centers" are being built as the engine for the 21st Century's industrial revolution?
  • How "Services Computing & Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)" technologies are evolving to facilitate business and IT integration?

The C4I Workshop will be concluded with a keynote on leading e-governments in the flat world.


Rong N. Chang, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Wanjiun Liao, National Taiwan University

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