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The purpose of this workshop is to investigate best practices in residential mortgage risk management as it relates to the current housing finance crisis, and discuss the potential effectiveness of alternative solutions.  The crash of the subprime lending industry was the first event of the current global financial meltdown.  However, the magnitude of the financial problem is now far beyond the total size of subprime lending.  The current crisis revealed that there are numerous other problems in the global capital market system need to be identified and fixed. 

This workshop organizes the investigation from both the government (e.g. regulatory and social policy) and the private business viewpoints.  Distinguished panelists will discuss the fundamental issues contributing to the current housing finance crisis, the challenges faced in addressing this crisis, and how effective various proposed solutions will be in fixing the problem, both in the short term and the long term.


Ren-Raw Chen, Fordham University

Jordan Hu, Riskval Financial Solutions

Tyler T. Yang, IFE Group (Conference Chair)



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