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Image The First-ever_Image_of_Quantum_Entanglement_101920A
[The First-ever Image of Quantum Entanglement- Dr. Paul-Antoine Moreau, University of Glasgow]
Image History_of_Semiconductor_121520A
[History of Semiconductor - Hitachi]
Image Planar Technology_121520A
[Planar Technology - Spectrum]
Image Jack Kilbys Original IC_121520A
[Jack Kilby's Original Integrated Circuit - Texas Instrument]
Image Silicon_121520A
[Silicon - Spectrum]
Image Jack Kilby's Original Notebook and the First ICs_121520A
[Jack Kilby's original notebook and the two first integrated circuits, manufactured from germanium]
Image Silicon Wafer_122720A
[Silicon Wafer - Wafer World]
Image Structure of Atom_123120A
[Structure of Atom - Tutorialspoint]
Image Scanning Probe Microscopes_IBM_020721A
[(Scanning Probe Microscopes - IBM) In 1989, scientists turned science fiction into science. By picking up one atom at a time and using a handful to draw the letters I, B, and M on a solid surface, researchers at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California, showed that controlling matter at the atomic scale wasn’t a futuristic dream; it was real, and it was here, and it was now.]
Image Nanomaterials in Consumer Products_021221A
[Nanomaterials in Consumer Products - J. Gorham and D. Gorko]
Image CERN_112021A
[CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research]
Image Microelectronics_012623A
[Microelectronics: A simplified schematic of a crossbar circuit element designed for future low power, non-volatile memory or neuromorphic computing applications - US Department of Energy]
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