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Virtual Museum

(Palace of Versailles, France, Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)

A virtual museum (VM) is a digital entity that utilizes the characteristics of a museum to complement, enhance or augment it with personalization, interactivity, user experience, and rich content. The VM is not a real museum transformed into a network, nor an archive or database of virtual digital assets, but an information provider above an exhibition room. VMs provide people with the opportunity to access digital content in a series of digital "encounters" before, during and after the visit. VMs are technically demanding, especially when it comes to virtual and augmented reality and creative tools for storytelling, and they must cover all types of digital creations, including virtual reality and 3D experiences online, in museums or heritage sites. Challenges will be further emphasis on improving access, building meaningful narratives for collections and displays, and story-led interpretation through the development of the VM. It will also address fundamental issues needed to achieve this, such as image rights, licensing and the ability of museums to support new ICT technologies. Virtual museums offer visitors the possibility to see works of art in different places and experience objects or places that are inaccessible to the public.



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