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- Overview

A smart tool is a tool that is able to communicate data with other systems, such as mobile applications or software. Often, smart tools provide information to other tools used in different processes to assist in their operation. You can find them used in various industries such as construction, aerospace and manufacturing. 

In manufacturing, smart tools will be equipped with electronics, communication modules, sensors and processors. Because they come with all these components, you can program them with operating parameters, helping them achieve better results and allowing operators to automate key processes. 

In the manufacturing, aerospace and construction industries, you can find smart tools for a variety of applications.


- Digital Calipers

Digital calipers allow you to quickly determine the exact size of small objects. These calipers offer greater accuracy than traditional calipers, displaying measurements on a screen rather than having the user look at a ruler. You can find these digital calipers for repairing electronics. They can also help ensure you're using the correct size screws and other small fasteners.


- Electric Torque Wrench

An electric torque wrench allows the user to program it to properly tighten nuts and bolts with an optimal number of turns. You can usually select various tightening programs remotely through software or directly on the wrench's screen. These devices will also provide information on torque achieved, tools used and pass or fail results.


- Smart Wall Scanner

The Smart Wall Scanner replaces the stud finders of the past, giving users a better way to identify wires, studs and water pipes behind drywall. This tool is widely used in construction and home improvement as it helps prevent users from cutting hot wires and helps them find centerline studs. You can find smart wall scanners that pair with mobile apps to help you keep track of where wires and other objects are behind walls.


- Smart Tool Drill

The Smart Tool Drill is a great alternative to traditional drills if you need high precision drilling. Smart drills are often equipped with touch screens and sensors to help guide the user through drilling and sense the angle at which the user is holding the drill. These drills often even measure distance to make sure you're drilling in the correct spot, and their touchscreens often allow you to adjust various drilling parameters.


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[Moraine Lake, Canada]

- Bluetooth-enabled Saw

When you want more control over your saw, you may want to upgrade to a Bluetooth-enabled saw. Since these saws are Bluetooth enabled, you can connect them to the app. Using this app, you can customize every aspect of the saw, such as blade speed and when it should stop running. Because of this better control, you can reduce wear and tear on the saw, increase safety and increase efficiency when cutting material.


- Smart Tool Level

Using a traditional level can lead to human error, even if the person using it is as careful as possible. Smart Tool Levels solve this problem by providing users with highly accurate measurements. Many smart levels have an LCD display that can show you whether you are perfectly level. These levels often also come with audio indicators that help you know if a certain measurement has been reached when you can't actually look at the screen. 


- Self-Leveling Lasers

Self-leveling lasers are ideal for situations where drilling or forming positions need to be marked. With self-leveling lasers, you don't need to worry about human error when setting up the laser beam. These level lasers are even self-aligning to ensure they give you a perfectly aligned beam.


- Smart Screwdrivers

Smart screwdrivers are another popular choice for a variety of applications. You can easily program it to utilize certain tightening configurations to increase the performance of the screwdriver and reduce the torque response of the tool.


- Smart Measuring Tool

When you want more accurate measurements, the Smart Measuring Tool offers significant advantages over rulers and tape measures. You can use these tools for various purposes such as measuring irregularly shaped objects, planning where pictures should be placed, and performing accurate cabinet projects. These measurement tools will be paired with an app to ensure you receive and store accurate measurements.



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