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Future Internet and Optical Quantum Communications

(United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)

The Future of the World Economy is a Knowledge Economy — the Internet, its Backbone



The Future of the Internet


- The Internet - A Critical Infrastructure In The Digital Age

Future Internet is a general term for research activities on new architectures for the Internet.........

[Internet Society]: "The future of the Internet is ours to shape for the next generation. Humanity must be at the centre of tomorrow's Internet. No one can predict the Internet’s future, but it is too important to ignore. Most believe the Internet will continue to shape our digital future." ....

In our digitalized world, the Internet has long since become a critical infrastructure. Ever larger data streams flow indefatigably around the globe. For the technologies of the future, like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and many others, interconnection is the indispensable foundation. Digitalization without networks is not possible. 

What we do and how we do it are undergoing tremendous change right now as we travel more deeply into the next technological revolution, AI, autonomous driving, IoT, these technologies and more are transforming our daily lives. But the transition to enabling pioneering capabilities and insights needs a robust network backbone, one with the speed and heft of  the next generation wireless network of 5G. 


- Wireless 5G and The Internet

All 5G wireless devices in a cell are connected to the Internet and mobile phone network by radio waves through a local antenna in the cell. The 5G network is designed to connect a far greater number of devices than a traditional cellular network does. We are in the early stage of this technological revolution, but the development of 5G and its relationship to intelligent devices, will have an impact on all industries, in particular, to automotive, healthcare, and IoT. 

We are at the beginning of a new era which will be characterized by digitalization and the constant interconnection of everything. The goal of the next generation of the Internet is, through abstraction and automation, to enable any desired bandwidth spontaneously between any and all participants or data centers. For this, consistent further development of the existing technologies is required, and additionally, new approaches to the integration of infrastructure, software, and services must be conceived. Efficient data processing is becoming increasingly important – in the future, it is conceivable that analysis will already occur during the transmission process in the network.


Possible Research Topics




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