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Future Internet

(University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)


Future Internet is a general term for research activities on new architectures for the Internet.


Paths to Our Digital Future


[Internet Society]: "The Internet has profoundly shaped our world and has changed our lives in both big and small ways. The technology change around us has happened both quickly and imperceptibly. The very first connections between computers nearly fifty years ago have been transformed into a wave of connectivity that covers the planet. New devices and innovations have given us more ways to harness the power of connectivity wherever we go and have given us functionality we could never have imagined."


The Internet of the Future


We are at the beginning of a new era which will be characterized by digitalization and the constant interconnection of everything. The goal of the next generation of the Internet is, through abstraction and automation, to enable any desired bandwidth spontaneously between any and all participants or data centers. For this, consistent further development of the existing technologies is required, and additionally, new approaches to the integration of infrastructure, software, and services must be conceived. Efficient data processing is becoming increasingly important – in the future, it is conceivable that analysis will already occur during the transmission process in the network.


Future Internet Architecture


[UC Berkeley]: "Along with research groups around the world, we are exploring fundamental questions about Internet architecture. In particular, we are, "If we were to redesign the Internet, what would it look like?" This effort involves looking at all aspects of the Internet architecture, including addressing, intradomain routing, interdomain routing, naming, name resolution, network API, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Moreover, the effort involves both in-depth investigations of these isolated topics, and a synthesis of these aspects into a coherent and comprehensive future Internet architecture."

Global Next Generation Internet Initiatives


Next generation Internet Initiatives are the research activities going on around the world towards developing the current Internet in terms of service and speed and launching a entirely new range of applications which will make use of these new opportunities, bringing wealth and knowledge to the entire world. 




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